The manufacturing process at himolla: Meticulous attention to detail from start to finish.

Production at himolla actually starts in the development department. This is where our most creative employees work to shape the upholstered furniture trends of tomorrow.

But the manufacturing process really begins in the incoming goods department. This is where delivered products such as wood, cover materials and so on are checked for quality and sent together with the moulded foam components, small parts and hardware to the production department.

Internally produced plastic components are formed in the frame assembly department using deep-drawing machines, and then finish processed using bandsaws and table routers.

Upholstery fabrics, non-woven fabrics and canvas are sent via the fabric store to the cutting department where they are processed by specialist craftsmen. The leather is also cut with extreme care with the aid of templates. While these processes are under way, the wadding is sent to the cutting department on a "just in time" basis, to be processed together with the fabric covers in the sewing department.

The wooden components and the finished foam mouldings are first sent to the frame and part warehouse. These semifinished products are then later assembled in the frame assembly department with the aid of screws and other hardware. The visible wooden components are treated in the paint or staining workshop to give them the required coloration.

In the final production department, the prepared components are delivered to the production lines using automatic transport systems and assembled by teams of four. The finished upholstered furniture now has to be subjected to meticulous quality inspection. Once it has been pronounced free of any defects, the himolla quality label is attached and the finished product goes to shipping.