Anyone who understands his trade develops from day to day.

Any producer aspiring to set the standard in its field must remain at the cutting edge of developments - without losing sight of traditional values.

At himolla, two underlying factors determine the way we operate our day-to-day production:
Firstly the use of the very latest technologies and production machinery, and secondly the craftsmanship and specialist skills of our workforce. These two essential factors combine to create an unbeatable mixture of competence, flexibility and efficiency.

Production technology at himolla: Progression through expertise.

Our equipment outfit encompasses the latest CNC machines. Their functions include precise fabric cutting and also rough and finish processing of wooden components. The machines are operated by skilled specialist personnel. Particularly worthy of mention is our own internal foaming department. Here, we produce our own top-quality foam materials in-house. These are then further processed in production.

We have set up our own logistics company to ensure optimum treatment of our excellent quality products during packaging and transport. Its vehicle fleet comprises 33 trucks and is networked across the whole of Europe. What is unusual about our delivery service is that every one of our trucks is manned by a team of two rather than the usual one. This guarantees a reliable transport process every time. We are highly satisfied with the way our company has developed. To ensure that it continues to evolve in the future, we will remain focused on the use of innovative technologies, research and – first and foremost – our dedicated workforce.