Emissions, energy balance, materials – himolla has great green credentials.

From planning to production – sustainability goes without saying at himolla.

A responsible and caring attitude to the natural world is vital, particularly for one of Europe's biggest upholstered furniture manufacturers.

Which is why we attach enormous importance to environmental protection at himolla.

So much so that it's up among the company's central corporate objectives, on a par with optimum economy, high quality and maximum safety. We have been involved in EMAS (ECO-Management and Audit Scheme) since way back in 1998. As long ago as 1999, we introduced a comprehensive himolla environmental management system to DIN EN ISO 14001, which is supervised by our Environmental Management Team. The system regulates issues such as the sustainable use of raw materials, an economical energy balance and production with environmentally friendly materials, paints and fuels containing minimal pollutants.

But it is our workforce that forms the backbone of all our environmental endeavours. Our employees receive regular training to help them internalize the system and live it in their day-to-day work.